Somesh had his early training in music from his petite, beautiful, utterly talented, musicademician mother Smt Sudha Mathur – who is in her own right a violinist of great renown. Encouraged and trained by her, he ascended the stage for his very first concert performance at the age of 4 – as he recalls, he sang Raag Durga in red socks!! He probably could not even spell the raag, but sang it unerringly!!

Smt Sudha Mathur, child of an illustrious Army father and a liberated mother, with a highly musical family background herself, learnt Hindusthani classical music in her early years, as a student of Shri Bodasji, and there on, following her Bachelors degree and Sangeet Vishaarad, took to playing the violin under the tutelage of Pandit VG Jog, emerging as a formidable ‘shishya’.

Today she is a consistent and compellingly enchanting violinist on the All India Radio, Vadodara, and derives joy in playing to audiences of any size. Being a faithful purist, she adheres to the ‘shaastriya’ version of raag renditions and takes pleasure and pride

In following it to textbook perfection with her own unique and aesthetic blends of ‘gaayaki’ merged into it with classical sublimations.

She is a multifaceted virtuoso. Along with her deep, various involvements with music, as a teacher for four decades and a prolific performing artist, she also produces other works of art, such as her extremely fine oil and water-colours in a variety of genres and subjects. She is a doting wife, mother and an impeccable cook and hostess, always complimented in admiration, and often regarded with envy for her fine cuisines, and creatively edible culinary delights, presented with a gracious flourish.

As a music academician, she has transcribed the entire text of bandishes in classical notations for her husband Sri Sarvesh Chandra’s book on PRACHALIT VA APRACHALIT RAGEIN – NAVEEN RACHNAAYEN. Her outstanding and inimitable talents are highly admired in her peer circles, as well as by her fans but with her philosophical and religious bent, she humbly retains a courteously placid bearing which epitomizes her grace and beauty.

Radiantly charming, she continues to enthrall her audiences with her variety of renditions. Her son, and student - Somesh pays tributes to her teachings via his own compositions in a myriad ways.

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Somesh’s later training and stage and performances grooming came from his father Pandit Sri Sarvesh Chandra Mathur, an entirely self taught musician of national repute.

The youngest of nine siblings, he hails from Shahjahanpur from a well known Mathur family of musically inclined and accordingly trained sisters who were influential in ‘tuning him into classical music’.

With his natural proclivity and a very keen ear for the finer points of music, he quickly grasped the deepest elements of the art and continued to embellish it on his own, even as he sailed through the University years, studying Botany and Law, and indulging in other avocations such as football, hockey and tennis and the occasional recreational ballroom dancing!! Notwithstanding his compulsion for music, and the originally intended paternal allocation to the family law business, he ventured into the corporate professional world, step-laddering his way from Gladstone Lyall in Kolkata and retiring as the Executive Marketing Director of the GNFC; as a recognized doyen of the fertilizer industry, being honoured with the President of India’s award for THE MARKETING MAN OF THE YEAR.

Having been influenced by stalwarts of music, and often having sat with Ustad Moinuddin Dagar, he continued to polish and enhance his own talent and eventually found a spot for himself amongst the elevated professionals of the ilk. He has been recognized and acknowledged by all prestigious and professionally qualified peers, with the bestowal upon him of the apt title ‘PANDIT’ – the acme of musical accolades. In the stylization of his own music, he tends to lean towards the Agra Gharana.

He has been giving musical performances for the last 5 decades. Other than in musical concerts, he has been also regularly performing at the All India Radio since many years, and you can still hear him on the AIR Vadodara in his deliciously sonorous voice, with a captivating charm in all his renditions, and especially in some of his very own original bandishes.

Along with the expertise of his wife, Smt Sudha Mathur, he has recently published a book with lyrics and notations of his own originations of classical bandishes in raags which are rarely heard – Meghambari, Rishabh Priya, Ramdasi Malhar, and Shobhavari, to name a few. He is an egregiously blessed musician, who continues to achieve accolades for his out-of-the-box musical forays.

As a musician, he still finds time for his other pursuits like golf (he boasts a 7 handicap!), keeping up with a wide spectrum of reading, writing papers and lectures on music, and the upkeep of his co founded institutions – Calcutta Music Circle, Kolkata, Swar Vilas in Vadodara and Pandit Omkarnath Sangeet Mandal. Bharuch.

Reared as an aficionado between the luxurious laps of two immensely talented artist gurus, Somesh has had the good fortune to imbibe the best from music, that could ever be produced and now assimilates them in his own special, indelibly haunting way into the listening hearts!!

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