2008_03_29My Propitious Prophet – Shri K B Mann A guru is found –

A muse we choose A Prophet is someone who guides our cues. His power, his magnificence The benefit of his omniscience Keeps us enchanted With his blessings granted; So our lifepath remains no ruse.

Somesh pays his humble dues to Shri KB Mann – his Lode Star [www.deodates.com]

SHRI KIRPAL BAHADUR MANNAs thinker, scientist, poet, astrologer and healer, Shri Mann ever touches the heart and inspires those who meet him. When in his presence, there is an immediate sense that one has reached an oasis of truth, and one feels assured. Like Karn, Shri Mann also is a warrior par excellent, except the weapon which he wields in the battle for righteousness is the pen. His is an exquisitely crafted pen whose carefully chosen words capture incisively, with breathtaking beauty, elements and realms of reality which none have before. Elusive thoughts and feelings which we did not even realise were present within us are given tangible expression, and one is left exclaiming, “Why did I not think of that myself!?” What is so obvious after he says it, was somehow not so beforehand. His greatness as a thinker and writer, whether it be in English, Hindi or Urdu, is yet known only to a few, but I assure you that the world has a feast of uniquely inspirational writings to look forward to.

One large literary work nearing completion is an epic poem in English about the life of Karn in ancient India. Throughout this rhymed epic of over 2,000 verses, Shri Mann examines, using sleuth-like logic, the Mahabharat’s voluminous text to discover telltale clues which reveal the true nature of the characters and to establish, beyond any doubt, the historical events as they had to have happened. In this unique “detective” approach, Shri Mann appeals to the reader’s higher reasoning mind to correct erroneous aspects of the tale in such an irrefutable manner that the intellect and heart are fully convinced of their verity. The appeal to rationality notwithstanding, throughout there is also a wonderfully strong sense that Shri Mann has objectively witnessed it all firsthand, so much so that the reader is magically transported back in time as the characters emerge as distinct and real personalities, and events and their settings become vividly tangible. Readers who are familiar with the Mahabharat, as well as those learning about this ancient saga for the first time, will be, in the least, impressed, if not fully awed, by its compelling and stark revelations.

A second epic poem, a kind of sequel to the first, is also close to completion. This spiritual treatise in verse addresses numerous questions which often perplex seekers of truth. It resolves dilemmas and washes away dogma, all which block personal growth and keep people divided on religious or philosophical grounds. Most importantly, it inspires the reader to strive for goodness and, through one’s right actions, achieve the best for oneself, in this world and the next. On the ‘lighter’ side, Shri Mann has written thousands of shorter poems in English, Hindi and Urdu, all yet to be published. One delightful work written for all, regardless of age, is the Seven Simple Tales, a series of allegorical tales whose characters represent various stages of moral, ethical and spiritual development, and undergo their respective lessons in order to climb the rungs of human awareness and consciously evolve.

Shri Mann has also written well over a thousand essays under the heading “Philosophical and Spiritual Discussions”. These nuggets in prose give lucid insights into the reality of the human condition, and show the spiritual and the material as being one great unified structure, which can be perceived in a very tangible way. They dissolve divisions of mind and heart, of the spiritual and the religious, the worldly and the other-worldly, and bring unity to the understanding which is truly wholesome.

To some, Shri Mann is best known for his lifetime of painstaking, detailed research in the field of astrology. His findings are so unique and profound in their scope that they, indeed, constitute a new science, which he has named “Stellistics”. His research statistically proves beyond any doubt that the combination of planets in the zodiac depict a definite synchronicity with health-related conditions, character traits and significant events. As a student of Stellistics, I awoke to an awe of the unfathomable genius behind the structure and function of the zodiac. Currently, 20,000 pages of research conclusions accumulated over four decades await editing and publication. In them unfold the profound esoteric realities of the zodiac with a beauty of logical precision and simplicity as has never been known or revealed by anyone on the planet before. Anyone who is keenly interested in this field and applies himself or herself with dedication, will be endlessly fascinated and enlightened by the discoveries/revelations embodied within this grand science of Stellistics.

While some know Shri Mann as poet, others as an astrologer/advisor, there are still others who know him as healer. His research and experience in the field of natural healing is as extensive as that of Stellistics, in fact, much too extensive to enumerate here. May it be sufficient to say, many thousands of people have benefited from his suggestions, and numerous so-called “incurable” diseases have been proven to be fully curable. His work fully proves that most illnesses are only incurable for allopathy.

Regardless of the field through which acquaintance is made with Shri Mann, almost all sense, if not fully recognise, a greatness never encountered before, and take great comfort in knowing that he is amongst us on this planet. He is not a person who fits into any preconceived mould of how one thinks a spiritual teacher should be. He discourages the formation of any following around him, being highly opposed to the rigescent effects of organized religion. He has written extensively about the “pros” and “cons” of guruship, for it is a very important and complex issue for any spiritual seeker to understand fully. Here, I can only introduce a few of his thoughts on the matter. He says: “Gurus are advisors and teachers and as such are worthy of veneration and love. Yet, it should never be forgotten that it is always the Supreme Being Himself who does all things, whether through them or without them! It should also be realised that if anyone works half as much at purifying the self as one does on serving the guru, they would be spiritually much safer. A genuine guru needs nor asks anything for himself.” On the other hand, he also explains how the benefits of having a true preceptor cannot be overestimated: “The guru has essentially three functions: firstly, to be instrumental in the development of humility, because unless a person can see another person as spiritually superior, he or she cannot develop humility; secondly, to be a practical model of goodness and compassion; and, thirdly, to act as a medium of knowledge and instruction.”

Inseparable from Shri Mann’s rare intelligence is an unfailing humility coupled with kindness and compassion for all beings. He says, “The individual quest, for human excellence, in thought, feeling and deed, begins with humility, in recognising all that we are not.” His is a life dedicated to helping all to reach for their fullest potential, to free themselves from fixed ideas and superstitions which make the consciousness brittle and unforgiving, to learn to reflect deeply about the causes of their problems, both in the self and in the world, and to ever have faith in the Supreme Creator and place full trust in His loving, watchful guidance over us every moment.

Ours is a time in history when the moral and spiritual upliftment of people must be done by appealing not only to the conscience, but to higher faculties of rational thought. Truth and right action lie in the union of heart and head, which is necessary if we are to understand with greater clarity the nature, scope and purpose of God’s creation, and be able to steer ourselves through the troubled waters we now find ourselves in. Shri Mann addresses these complex and multifaceted issues and numerous more in his prolific writings and research, and presents invaluable tools for man to use to improve his life and to leave behind a better world for future generations.

Several millennia ago, Karn left his magnificent legacy so that each of us could strive to become like him, and today Shri Mann is striving to help all of us, each in our own way, to do just that – to become warriors in the battle for righteousness, to follow the true hero’s footsteps to life and joy eternal. He is a living example of Karn’s legacy, of a true servant and warrior whose footprints will remain imprinted on the path of Love.


Following in the Footsteps of Heroes Of every great hero good and true, the story ever so appeals -rises a warmth in the heart as for a loved and trusted friend !Inspired on to aspiration, at their doorsteps the bosom kneels !A heroic life may have a beginning, but how may it ever end !?How may ever die that which does to others freely nectar lend !?Ambrosia is their tread in any heart, which purifies and heals !The path to life and joy eternal, their footstep each reveals ! ~ k.b.mann (from an epic poem in-the-making, about Karn) The search for heroes is a very compelling feature of the human spirit, because heroes embody example not merely precept – but, truly inspiring heroes are very rare in history. There is one timeless hero who towers above all others – his name is Karn or Radhai. If each person acquired but a fraction of his virtues, our darkened and troubled world would quickly become heavenly. Karn, who left his indelible mark on this world several thousand years ago, is, to this day, cherished by millions as a symbol of self-sacrifice, generosity, nobility and courage. He was a warrior without peer in the history of mankind, but his greatest victory, and example for humanity, was his conquest of self.

I have been most fortunate to meet a man who, in all that he does, lives each day in the spirit of Karn’s example. His name is Shri Kirpal Bahadur Mann. Shri Mann has personally taught me and thousands of others much about the rarely-travelled road to self-mastery and what it means to live a heroic life. When I was asked to write my thoughts and feelings about this very special man for this website, the dilemma I faced was how to describe him appropriately without seeming gullible, biased or woolly-headed. After spending much time considering how to faithfully convey what my 20-year association with him has shown, without understating nor seeming to overstate his larger-than-life qualities and accomplishments, I decided on this very simple, moderate approach.

Em15th October, 2009

[Dedication written by Em, disciple of Shri KB Mann]